We believe in creating software for people. To build software for people means it must always act in the interests of the people using it and never prioritizes other interests, such as those of advertisers, governments, or data brokers. What follows is a set of foundational principles which we hold as inviolate.


We believe in the right to privacy. We adhere to privacy by design as a set of guiding principles. All data should be owned and accessible by the end-user. Data and metadata collection should be minimized to the extent possible. Users should give informed consent when collecting data or metadata is necessary.


We believe software should be open source so that anyone can make changes or inspect the code used.


We believe applications should be usable and accessible by as many people as possible. We believe tradeoffs between security, privacy, and usability are often framed as a zero-sum game, which serves as a crutch. We reject deceptive design and addicting design in software.


We believe software should be developed in an economically sustainable way.